Revolutionizing social media convenience and monetization

CloutForm provides a unique opportunity to monetize impressions through a single interface connected to all of your social media platforms.
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The CloutForm network is a fully interactive social platform that connects everyone's favorite social media accounts into one convenient profile. Our interface uses public API connections and proprietary technologies to create a user friendly index of all social media accounts, ranging from small-scale brands, to celebrities, and major brands. With one interface with every platform integrated, CloutForm can be considered to be the first dedicated Social Media Search Engine. This provides unique opportunities for publicity, recognition, and monetization.


To streamline the payment process on the platform, we have created the 100% true utility token: CloutCash Credit ERC20 (CCC), the native currency of the CloutForm network. The token will power all advertising and paid functionality on the platform, such as providing donations, or subscriptions to influencers.

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CloutForm is company with a diverse team of passionate, talented individuals who all share the same vision to create an outstanding product.

Roy Robin
CEO & President
Troy C. Robin
Vice President
Jessica Larsen
Chief Creative Officer
Matt Flesch
Content & Social Media Manager
Scott Burke
Jared Demirovski
UI Design & Graphics
Dashawn E. Turner
Marketing Specialist
Julian Gellman
Concert Crave
Kevin Fredericks
Account Specialist
Brian "Wonder" Harris
Artist/Influencer Relations
Matt Volpe
Artist/Influencer Relations
Bobby Salami
Project Manager
Jamie McEntire
Project Manager
Andre McFairline
Project Manager
Justin Richardson
Project Manager
Anthony Peressini
Project Manager
Kenny "Art" Love
Project Manager
Jeziel Romero
Project Manager
Raquel Jackson
M. Azeem
Graphic Design
Alfred Catalfumo
Office Manager
John Lewinski
Project Manager
Vinnie Bonilla
Project Manager
Fillipe Silva
International Relations
Rita Z.
Project Manager